Recently the celebrated author, Philip Pullman, announced a new series of books to support the His Dark Materials novels which he first published in 1995. One of our year 7s, Joseph, has been doing his research to find out what he can about the upcoming books.


Greeting Blog fans!


I’m Joseph Ratchford, The author of the year 7 story, The Troll Chronicles. I hope you enjoyed that story, seeing that I’m planning on continuing it. But, that is going to take a while so I’m doing this as It is news that I find very exciting and generally AWSOME! It leaves me with a lot of questions…


Before I get on with the questions this is what I’m talking about…


You know what these are right? If not these are the books in Phillip Pullman’s His Dark Materials trilogy, an engrossing mix of fantasy and reality.


While other books, such as Tolkien’s celebrated The Lord of the Rings had made iconic and realistic characters which while feeling real were clearly fantasy, His Dark Materials was reality with some fantasy mixed together to feel like all of this was real. While The Lord of the Rings made us feel like its set on a rather odd other world (which is part of its charm) His Dark Materials felt like looking into a twisted mirror.


And the big news is….


Phillip Pullman’s writing new books in the series!


I am mega enthusiastic about him writing further books though thinking about it he has before…


My first example of this is a prequel novella called Once Upon A Time in the North. I own a copy and was delighted at reading a new story about Lee Scoresby and Iorek Byrnison, some of my favourite characters. This prequel was fun and felt a lot like a western story and while, without the religious ‘prodding’, Pullman made it up with a simple tale about friendship and adventure I personally loved it and when I Google the series I’m upset about it not being included in pictures and collection bundles. I lost my copy ages ago and was very upset at it not being on kindle. But why is it not on kindle its great! (in my opinion, anyway.)


Another further book is Lyra’s Oxford. I can’t comment on it, seeing that I have never read it, 2e48ee61228e0d7ae275f967bf261b7aexcept to say that people generally have a mixed opinion on it. The Guardian said that ‘The 49-page story is cut from the living wood of the author’s imaginative world and comes instantly to life in its own right.’ While critics liked the book fans were unsure. The fan site ‘Bridge to the stars’ said that ‘I think Lyra’s Oxford was a bit of a disappointment.’ It is also not on kindle.


The new book is called The Book of Dust. I have many questions about it. Here they are…

  1. When’s it coming out? Pullman has said that it will release this October. (Why’s it taking so long!?)
  2. Is this Pullman’s final ‘His Dark Materials’ book? It’s been revealed its in three books, so I think it’s very unlikely this will be the last.
  3. bookofdustWhat does the cover look like? This. But, it might change later.
  4. Will it be good? Jeez! I don’t have a time travelling DeLorean! I don’t know. But I do hope it is.
  5. Will Lyra be in it? Yep. Pullman says that, “The main character is Lyra, the girl who is the centre of ‘His Dark Materials’. She is at the centre of this story.”
  6. What has happened to Iorek Byrnison? If Phillip Pullman revealed everything there would be no point reading it at all.
  7. Is Will in it? I’m guessing he is or he isn’t. I like Will so I hope he is.
  8. Is it a prequel or a sequel? Both. Pullman calls it an ‘equel.
  9. What’s your opinion on the movie? Everything, except Daniel Craig, was rubbish. Can we get back to The Book of Dust now?
  10. Why’s it taken so long? Good point. Pullman started talking about it in 2006, honestly, only he knows. I don’t know.



Finally if you are excited about The Book of Dust you can pre-order it from many places.