The following post is a year 7 pupil contribution:




My name is Archie and I am part of a blog club which was set up by the English department. Some of the lessons I like at Parrenthorn are physics, history, English, mathematics, geography, drama and Spanish.


My First English Lesson


My first proper English lesson was when we had to create a character for our fantasy story ‘Escape from Kraznir’. The story line of this is that Kraznir is running out of resources and decide to invade the peaceful Republic of Slinsil. We learnt how a group of spies were planning on sneaking into Kraznir to steal the battle plans.


We had to design a character, to lead the spies, for our stories. Mine was called Duke and had a family based off my own. It was really enjoyable and I really liked the chance to do some creative writing.