Study Strategies

There are so many different revision techniques that can help you to study.

A few such as reducing notes from big to small, using memory aides such as mnemonics, use of mindmaps to create links and self-quizzing a lot was shared with you in the Year 11 Presentation Video. 

Revision is practice. Just ask any great singer, actor or sports figure and they will tell you that they spend hours and hours revising their lyrics, scripts or playbooks. Then, when it is time to perform, they are prepared at the highest quality.

American tennis player Arthur Ashe once said "One important key to success is self-confidence. An important key to self-confidence is preparation". 

Revising will prepare you for your mock and GCSE exams giving you the confidence, the belief to achieve your best. 

Year 11 Assembly Presentation - View

Here are some more great study strategies from the Learning Scientists. 

Learning Scientists Study Strategies Guide - Download

Spaced Practice

Retrieval Practice



Concrete Examples

Dual Coding