Year 7s first assessment in English was to write a story based on the title “Escape”.
This one, by year 7 reader-writer extraordinaire Joseph Ratchford, really caught our eye. He even received a hero point directly from Mr Bell for his amazing work. Check it out below.


It all started one wet, muddy Daoday. At the time it was completely unremarkable, but I will remember it for the rest of my life as the last day that my life was ordinary.


I had woken up. It was the day after that wet, muddy Daoday and I crawled out of my cosy, humble, wet-dry hole to see…


The biome was gone, like it had disappeared into thin air. In its place was a colossal city as far as I could see.


How did that turn up overnight!? Scared, alone and unsure I ventured into the unfamiliar city. If I had known what would have happened, I would have just stayed in my hole…


The first thing I noticed were… buildings. Gone were the wet, damp, comfy, humble holes and in their place were skyscrapers the size of… well skyscrapers!


Then something even more interesting, and a bit weirder happened…


I noticed something moving about. I walked a bit closer and saw that it had purple sucker-like hands; it was a miss-shaped, bumpy thing and had a hunchback I didn’t like. Now, I know there are all sorts of different kinds of trolls but I could tell, just by looking at this that it was no troll.


It looked startled, I couldn’t realise why until I noticed it was muttering in strange words like “carrixede”, “buibruirghiurhu” and “‘anging” when more whatever-those- things are (let’s call them piye) dressed in what looked like suits of armor looking very scary and stupid at the same time. “egenjdhncbg BUGGAAAAAAAAAAA beuhfeug” one sighed and got out a small devise that then said “You are under arrest and WE WILL INPRISON YOU UNTIL YOU DIE EVEN THOUGH I WANT TO KILL YOU RIGHT NOW!!! Thank you very much.”


Before I could ask why they threw me onto a floating couch-like thing, strapped me to it and put a smelly, dirty rag over my mouth. And then I flew away into trolls knows where.

I woke up with a nasty bonkhurt, “ow!” I groaned “You ‘kay.” I heardsomething say.


“I’m not called Kay” Ow, I had barely had enough energy to speak. “I’m Arn…OW!”


“Okay dokey ArnOw!” I heard the something say. “The name’s Fug.” I picked up a Seeq accent. The pain was getting unbearable now!


“OW, OW, OW, OWEY OWWWWW!” I yelled in pain.


“You don’t have to repeat the last part of your name over and over again ya know.” Fug said, like I was an idiot. 


“Hold on Fug”,  whispered an impossibly high pitched voice. “I think that mudo has a bonkhurt. Right?”  I heard the voice ask.


I nodded and my head then felt like it was on fire. “Ok. ‘ere you go.”


He gave me some strange magic liquid. I regained conscious. “Thank you” I told the mud troll. “What are you thanking him for?” I gulped, then laughed because the squeaky voice was coming from the biggest, ugliest mountain troll I had ever seen.


The door of the room suddenly opened. Showing an ugly-looking Piye holding a tiny, miniscule jungle Troll. “cfbgfjcb wibbadoas!” It said. “Don’t look back”. I whispered to myself. And I ran.