Last half term saw year 7s exploring non-fiction writing. They applied to write for the Arctic Survey Team and let their peers know the details of the amazing Arctic Adventure. The following post is from Kyle in 7Y.


Here at Parrenthorn High School in year 7 we have been learning about the Arctic.


We have written a letter of application to get to spend a week in the Arctic. When we got accepted we had to pick 4 items to take with us. My team chose plasters, a torch, a spare pair of socks and a compass.  We also had to write blog posts about being in the Arctic. Here is one of mine:


“Hi again it’s Kyle. I’M SO EXCIEDTED! We have just  arrived at the Arctic and it is so cold. We have been put in teams with other young people and each team member has a different personality type. These are the people in my group.


Team player: Jeanine


Leader: Kyle (me)


Friendly one: Katie


Creative one: River. 


We all get on really well and it’s great how the team grouped us on our strengths and mixed the groups so that each group had a different personality type in them.  What type of team role do you think you’d have?


On our first day in the Arctic we had an interesting breakfast of porridge and mango. We had to melt the snow to cook the meal it and it all came out of one bag like baby food. It was pretty strange. 


We’re really looking forward to what today will bring. I hope that we’re going to look at the wildlife.


Thank you for taking the time to read my update on the Arctic.”