An update from our Head Girl, Anneesa Malik


Autumn Half Term 2016


Our team of students from all year groups want to take this opportunity to share some of our greatest achievements within this first half term of the new academic year as we want to celebrate our successes with our local community.


Year 7 Blog


Our new year 7s have settled in extremely well and they’ve enjoyed their time here at Parrenthorn. Having come back from their North Wales trip, the pupils felt like the trip allowed them to make good friends and settle into our school community smoothly. Additionally, they have experience two PSHE drop down days at Parrenthorn. In terms of the extra-curricular activities, the year 7s are eager to attend the afterschool clubs. To add, the Year 7 boys football team have successfully taken part in their first FA cup football game, which was a great success! Our year 7 football team have, so far, won all of their matches, with the scores being in double figures!


Prestwich Arts Won: 20-1
MCMA (Greater Manchester Schools Cup) Won: 9-1
Tottington (ESFA Cup) Won: 12-2


Year 8


In Year 8, pupils have been provided was various opportunities to take on more responsibilities and develop skills, such as organisation skills and leadership. Some opportunities include: Pupil receptionist, School council, Form captains, Monitors and also Sports captains. These opportunities give you a lead role in your form. There are also more clubs to join like sports, drama and more. They have also had important assemblies such as 9/11 and Paralympics which allowed the pupils to understand current affairs.


Year 9


On Friday 30th September our new Year 9 Stakeholder voice team was announced. This team will be going around with the questionnaires on the iPads on Open evening day which is on the 6th October. It is a great opportunity to receive feedback from our community in order to improve the school and make it a better place for our students. Also year 9 learnt about finances and money aswell as the significance of saving money on the PSHE drop down day. This was interesting for the year 9s due to the fact that they learnt about financial difficulties and useful future life skills on how to manage money.


Year 10


Our year 10s have gone through a vigorous application and interview process in order to select the newly trained playground leaders, peer supporters and peer readers. These roles are highly significant to Parrenthorn as they will play a major role in helping the Year 7’s with settling in or assisting with any problems that young the students might be going through.